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We are a leading UK retailer of Starter Motors and Alternators with an excellent range and availability far exceeding our nearest competitor.

We stock parts for cars, vans, marine, plant, industrial and off-highway, including rare and hard to source-for makes and models. All our stock is physical and located in our UK warehouse. We only sell premium-quality new or remanufactured parts which are never reconditioned or low-quality imports.

Everything we sell is fully tested with end-of-line OE test equipment ensuring the part you buy from us is reliable and free from problems. Our stock is always being updated but if we do not currently have the part you need we will be able to get it as a special order with a fast turnaround. We also sell Starter Motors / Alternators for luxury and super-cars such as Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche and Rolls-Royce. Our catalogue is truly industry leading.

We offer free next working-day shipping on all order to UK, plus rates for the rest of the world. All our prices are inclusive of VAT.

Please contact us with your order enquiry and we will be able to help. You can also use the cross reference search at the top of this page. It will open up our catalogue site if you wish to find the part number you need before calling.

Alternatively you can visit our new online store where you are free to browse our extensive catalogue and use our industry leading cross reference search at your leisure.


Price includes UK shipping (excluding remote and offshore locations) and VAT and we do not require your old part in exchange like some other sellers with cheaper units. Our price is all inclusive. This part is fully tested with end-of-line OE test equipment. It matches or exceeds original-equipment manufacturer specifications and is a premium quality UK made part.


This part may be listed for your vehicle but may not be the part you require due to vehicle variations.

Please ensure you check our part finder at the following link www.startermotoralternator.com/part-finder or email us at sales@startermotoralternator.com before purchasing. If after checking there is only one part listed then it will be correct. If there is more than one choice then you will need to provide additional information from your old part or vehicle to ensure you purchase the correct item.

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of eBay's vehicle search, so please check on our website link or contact us.

Product Description





  • Description:STARTER MOTOR FORD
  • Amp:
  • Connections:
  • Fan & Pulley Type:
  • Fixing Points:3
  • Weight:4.50
  • Teeth:11
  • Power:2.2 kW


OE Numbers



















0 986 023 380







Vehicle Applications

MakeModelEngine SizeYearsFuel TypeEngine CodeBody TypeIdentifierVehicle Details
FordC-MAX2.002003 - 2007DieselG6DAMPVTDCi
FordC-MAX2.002003 - 2007DieselG6DBMPVTDCi
FordC-MAX2.002003 - 2007DieselG6DDMPVTDCi
FordC-MAX2.002007 - 2011DieselC20DD0XMPVTDCi 136
FordC-MAX2.002007 - 2011DieselC20DD0XMPVTDCi 136
FordC-MAX2.002007 - 2011DieselC20G6BBMPVTDCi 136
FordC-MAX2.002007 - 2011DieselC20G6BBMPVTDCi 136
FordC-MAX2.002007 - 2011DieselG6DBMPVTDCi 136
FordC-MAX2.002007 - 2011DieselG6DDMPVTDCi 136
FordC-MAX2.002008 - 2009DieselDD9XMPVTDCi 110
FordC-MAX2.002008 - 2009DieselIXDAMPVTDCi 110
FordC-MAX2.002010 - 2016DieselUFDAMPVTDCi 140
FordC-MAX2.002010 - 2016DieselUFDAMPVTDCi 140 Powershift
FordC-MAX2.002010 - 2016DieselUFDBMPVTDCi 140
FordC-MAX2.002010 - 2016DieselUFDBMPVTDCi 140 Powershift
FordC-MAX2.002012 - 2016DieselTXDBMPVTDCi 163
FordC-MAX2.002012 - 2016DieselTXDBMPVTDCi 163 Powershift
FordFocus2.002003 - 2007DieselG6DAMPVTDCi
FordFocus2.002003 - 2007DieselG6DBMPVTDCi
FordFocus2.002003 - 2007DieselG6DDMPVTDCi
FordFocus2.002004 - 2011DieselG6DAEstateTDCi 136
FordFocus2.002004 - 2011DieselG6DAHatchbackTDCi 136
FordFocus2.002004 - 2011DieselG6DBEstateTDCi 136
FordFocus2.002004 - 2011DieselG6DBHatchbackTDCi 136
FordFocus2.002004 - 2011DieselG6DDEstateTDCi 136
FordFocus2.002004 - 2011DieselG6DDHatchbackTDCi 136
FordFocus2.002004 - 2011DieselG6DGEstateTDCi 136
FordFocus2.002004 - 2011DieselG6DGHatchbackTDCi 136
FordFocus2.002005 - 2009DieselG6DASaloonTDCi 136
FordFocus2.002005 - 2009DieselG6DASaloonTDCi 136 Powershift
FordFocus2.002005 - 2009DieselG6DBSaloonTDCi 136
FordFocus2.002005 - 2009DieselG6DBSaloonTDCi 136 Powershift
FordFocus2.002005 - 2009DieselG6DDSaloonTDCi 136
FordFocus2.002005 - 2009DieselG6DDSaloonTDCi 136 Powershift
FordFocus2.002006 - 2012DieselG6DAConvertibleCoupe Cabriolet TDCi
FordFocus2.002006 - 2012DieselG6DBConvertibleCoupe Cabriolet TDCi
FordFocus2.002006 - 2012DieselG6DDConvertibleCoupe Cabriolet TDCi
FordFocus2.002007 - 2011DieselG6DAEstateTDCi 136 Powershift
FordFocus2.002007 - 2011DieselG6DAHatchbackTDCi 136 Powershift
FordFocus2.002007 - 2011DieselG6DBEstateTDCi 136 Powershift
FordFocus2.002007 - 2011DieselG6DBHatchbackTDCi 136 Powershift
FordFocus2.002007 - 2011DieselG6DDEstateTDCi 136 Powershift
FordFocus2.002007 - 2011DieselG6DDHatchbackTDCi 136 Powershift
FordFocus2.002008 - 2009DieselIXDAEstateTDCi 110 Powershift
FordFocus2.002008 - 2009DieselIXDAHatchbackTDCi 110 Powershift
FordFocus2.002008 - 2009DieselIXDASaloonTDCi 110 Powershift
FordFocus2.002011 - 2015DieselTXDBEstateTDCi 163
FordFocus2.002011 - 2015DieselTXDBHatchbackTDCi 163
FordFocus2.002011 - 2015DieselUFDBEstateTDCi 140
FordFocus2.002011 - 2015DieselUFDBHatchbackTDCi 140
FordGalaxy2.002006 - 2011DieselQXWAMPVTDCi 140
FordGalaxy2.002006 - 2011DieselQXWBMPVTDCi 140
FordGalaxy2.002007 - 2008DieselAZWAMPVTDCi 130
FordGalaxy2.002010 - 2011DieselDD0XMPVTDCi 115
FordGalaxy2.002010 - 2011DieselKLWAMPVTDCi 115
FordGalaxy2.002010 - 2011DieselTYWAMPVTDCi 115
FordGalaxy2.002010 - 2016DieselTXWAMPVTDCi 163
FordGalaxy2.002010 - 2016DieselTXWAMPVTDCi 163 Powershift
FordGalaxy2.002010 - 2016DieselUFWAMPVTDCi 140
FordGalaxy2.002010 - 2016DieselUFWAMPVTDCi 140 Powershift
FordGrand C-MAX2.002010 - 2016DieselUFDAMPVTDCi 140
FordGrand C-MAX2.002010 - 2016DieselUFDAMPVTDCi 140 Powershift
FordGrand C-MAX2.002010 - 2016DieselUFDBMPVTDCi 140
FordGrand C-MAX2.002010 - 2016DieselUFDBMPVTDCi 140 Powershift
FordGrand C-MAX2.002012 - 2016DieselTXDBMPVTDCi 163
FordGrand C-MAX2.002012 - 2016DieselTXDBMPVTDCi 163 Powershift
FordKuga2.002008 - 2010DieselG6DGSUVTDCi
FordKuga2.002010 - 2013DieselG6DGSUVTDCi 140
FordKuga2.002010 - 2013DieselG6DGSUVTDCi 163
FordKuga2.002010 - 2013DieselTXDASUVTDCi 163
FordKuga2.002012 - 2015DieselDW10CSUVTDCi 140
FordKuga2.002012 - 2015DieselDW10CSUVTDCi 140 Powershift
FordKuga2.002012 - 2015DieselDW10CSUVTDCi 163
FordKuga2.002012 - 2015DieselDW10CSUVTDCi 163 Powershift
FordMondeo2.002007 - 2008DieselAZBAEstateTDCi 130
FordMondeo2.002007 - 2008DieselAZBAHatchbackTDCi 130
FordMondeo2.002007 - 2008DieselAZBASaloonTDCi 130
FordMondeo2.002007 - 2008DieselN7BBEstateTDCi 130
FordMondeo2.002007 - 2008DieselN7BBHatchbackTDCi 130
FordMondeo2.002007 - 2008DieselN7BBSaloonTDCi 130
FordMondeo2.002007 - 2010DieselQXBASaloonTDCi 140
FordMondeo2.002007 - 2010DieselQXBBSaloonTDCi 140
FordMondeo2.002007 - 2011DieselQXBAEstateTDCi 140
FordMondeo2.002007 - 2011DieselQXBAHatchbackTDCi 140
FordMondeo2.002007 - 2011DieselQXBASaloonTDCi 140
FordMondeo2.002007 - 2011DieselQXBBEstateTDCi 140
FordMondeo2.002007 - 2011DieselQXBBHatchbackTDCi 140
FordMondeo2.002007 - 2011DieselQXBBSaloonTDCi 140
FordMondeo2.002007 - 2015DieselQXBAEstateTDCi 140
FordMondeo2.002007 - 2015DieselQXBAHatchbackTDCi 140
FordMondeo2.002007 - 2015DieselQXBBEstateTDCi 140
FordMondeo2.002007 - 2015DieselQXBBHatchbackTDCi 140
FordMondeo2.002009 - 2010DieselKLBAEstateTDCi 115 ECOnetic
FordMondeo2.002009 - 2010DieselKLBAHatchbackTDCi 115 ECOnetic
FordMondeo2.002009 - 2010DieselLPBAEstateTDCi 115 ECOnetic
FordMondeo2.002009 - 2010DieselLPBAHatchbackTDCi 115 ECOnetic
FordMondeo2.002010 - 2011DieselKLBAEstateTDCi 115
FordMondeo2.002010 - 2011DieselKLBAHatchbackTDCi 115
FordMondeo2.002010 - 2011DieselLPBAEstateTDCi 115
FordMondeo2.002010 - 2011DieselLPBAHatchbackTDCi 115
FordMondeo2.002010 - 2011DieselTYBAEstateTDCi 115
FordMondeo2.002010 - 2011DieselTYBAHatchbackTDCi 115
FordMondeo2.002010 - 2015DieselTXBAEstateTDCi 163
FordMondeo2.002010 - 2015DieselTXBAHatchbackTDCi 163
FordMondeo2.002010 - 2015DieselTXBBEstateTDCi 163
FordMondeo2.002010 - 2015DieselTXBBHatchbackTDCi 163
FordMondeo2.002010 - 2015DieselUFBAEstateTDCi 140
FordMondeo2.002010 - 2015DieselUFBAHatchbackTDCi 140
FordMondeo2.002010 - 2015DieselUFBASaloonTDCi 140
FordMondeo2.002013 - 2015DieselUFBBEstate137371
FordMondeo2.002013 - 2015DieselUFBBEstateTDCi 140
FordMondeo2.002013 - 2015DieselUFBBHatchbackTDCi 140
FordMondeo2.002013 - 2015DieselUFBBSaloonTDCi 140
FordS-MAX2.002006 - 2010DieselQXWAMPVTDCi 140
FordS-MAX2.002006 - 2010DieselQXWBMPVTDCi 140
FordS-MAX2.002006 - 2016DieselQXWAMPVTDCi 140
FordS-MAX2.002006 - 2016DieselQXWBMPVTDCi 140
FordS-MAX2.002007 - 2008DieselAZWAMPVTDCi 130
FordS-MAX2.002010 - 2011DieselDD0XMPVTDCi 115
FordS-MAX2.002010 - 2011DieselKLWAMPVTDCi 115
FordS-MAX2.002010 - 2011DieselTYWAMPVTDCi 115
FordS-MAX2.002010 - 2016DieselQXWAMPVTDCi 140
FordS-MAX2.002010 - 2016DieselQXWBMPVTDCi 140
FordS-MAX2.002010 - 2016DieselTXWAMPVTDCi 163
FordS-MAX2.002010 - 2016DieselUFWAMPVTDCi 140
VolvoC702.002007 - 2010DieselD4204TConvertible
VolvoC702.002008 - 2010DieselD4204TConvertible
VolvoS402.002004 - 2010DieselD4204TSaloon
VolvoS402.002008 - 2010DieselD4204TSaloon
VolvoS802.002007 - 2010DieselD4204TSaloon
VolvoV702.002007 - 2010DieselD4204TEstate

Payment Information

We accept secure payment through PayPal.

Shipping Information

StarterMotorAlternator.com offers Free Express Delivery on all orders within the UK excluding remote and offshore locations.

Orders placed before 4:00pm working-days will be dispatched same day. Orders placed after 4:00pm will be dispatched next working-day. Orders placed after 4:00pm on Friday will be processed Monday and delivered Tuesday after the weekend.

If you wish to have delivery to an alternative address, you MUST specify this during the PayPal checkout process by entering a new address. We can ONLY deliver to an address specified at PayPal payment.

We do not offer international shipping on these USED STOCK clearance parts. eBay's global shipping program may offer you international shipping.

Returns Policy

Each and every single Starter Motor and Alternator is fully tested before being sent out to our customers.

On the vehicle there are other components that can affect the Starter Motor and or Alternator performance.

If an item fails within the 30 day warranty period, the item needs to be returned back to us for inspection at your cost. The item will be tested by us and either repaired and returned or replaced at our cost. If the item is deemed to be faulty then any postage costs incurred to return the item would also be refunded providing the item has failed due to manufacturing defect and not a fault with the vehicle and/or incorrect fitment which has resulted in a damaged product. NO labour charges or expenses incurred for installing or removing this part will be covered.

If the item you sent back to us is found to be working perfectly, you will be contacted and advised accordingly. In addition, a postage fee of £7.50 must be paid to have the item sent back to you, due to misdiagnosis. Alternatively you can arrange your own collection.

By purchasing this part, you are agreeing to our warranty procedures.

Contact Details

Company: Starter Motor Alternator

Email: Sales@StarterMotorAlternator.com

Tel: 0844 415 8058



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